Snowtrust Closure Announcement: End of Service Details

After three years, Snowtrust will cease operations. Learn about the final steps, how to secure your data, and discover alternative service providers for your future needs.

Snowtrust Closure Announcement: End of Service Details

Hello everyone,
Long story short, i can no longer develop or maintain this service. It has become impossible due to my personal time constraints and studies.
Thank you all who gave Snowtrust a shot and provided me with priceless feedback and education.

What will happen?

All servers, volumes, IPs and DNS records will be deleted on 2023 April 1st. To prevent data loss I sent you an email with:

  • All your invoices
  • All your SEO reports
  • All your case studies (if you have some)
  • All your source code and backups of your website or web app
  • All your database backups

What's next?

While Snowtrust will be soon gone, there are plenty of web agencies you can reach out to today. To name a few:

In case of any questions feel free to reach out to me