About Hermann Kao

Discover Hermann Kao, a Togolese Fullstack Developer and avid photographer based in Saint-Étienne, France. Explore his journey and work in web and mobile development.

Hello and welcome! I am Hermann Kao, a skilled Fullstack Web and Mobile Developer from Togo, now residing and working in Saint-Étienne, France. My career is a testament to my dedication to technology and innovation, crafted through a robust foundation in both web and mobile platforms. I am not only passionate about building intuitive digital solutions that enhance business processes and user engagement but also deeply committed to integrating creative design and functionality in every project.

💼 Professional Experience

Fullstack Developer at Novéup, Paris
August 2023 - October 2023
In my recent role at Novéup, I was tasked with developing a comprehensive web application that served as a modern replacement for an older mobile application. This project was critical in streamlining operations and enhancing user experience. My responsibilities included:

  • Architecting and implementing robust backend solutions using NestJs, integrating seamlessly with Postgres databases and AWS cloud services.
  • Employing Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles to ensure the software architecture met the complex needs of business operations.
  • Crafting dynamic front-end interfaces with React-Query and NextJs, ensuring high performance and responsiveness.

Frontend Developer at Clone (Ex Not So Dark), Paris
February 2023 - July 2023
At Clone, my role centered on the development of a highly functional back-office system that significantly improved the company's operational efficiency. Key achievements include:

  • Designing and implementing a user-friendly back-office that managed recipes, ingredients, suppliers, and brand affiliations.
  • Developing a real-time messaging system to facilitate immediate communication within the organization.
  • Implementing an hexagonal architecture in the backend to promote code modularity and ease of maintenance.

React Native Developer at IPLAYAGAIN, Paris
February 2023 - April 2023
In this role, I was responsible for updating and maintaining a suite of mobile applications focused on enhancing user engagement through strategic use of the IronSource SDK and robust backend solutions hosted on AWS. My work ensured that applications were not only functional but also scalable and secure.

🎓 Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Mobile Project Management
ETNA, The School of Advanced IT, Paris
August 2021 - January 2024

Pursuing this degree provided me with a solid foundation in managing and delivering web and mobile projects, equipping me with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Engineering in Automated Systems
ESSTI, Rabat, Morocco
2018 - 2019

This program was instrumental in shaping my understanding of system automation, preparing me for a career that intersects heavily with technology and innovation.

🛠 Technical Skills

Throughout my career, I have developed a robust skill set that includes:

  • Programming Languages: Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python.
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Extensive experience with React, Next.js, NestJS, React Native, Express, and Svelte.
  • Database Management: Skilled in managing and developing databases using PostgreSQL and Firebase.
  • DevOps and Cloud Services: Competent in using AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, and ELK Stack to ensure scalable, efficient, and reliable software deployment.

📚 Interests

Apart from technology, I have a fervent passion for photography, capturing moments and landscapes that reflect the beauty and diversity of our world. As a Togolese national, I cherish exploring and depicting both the vibrant culture of my homeland and the scenic vistas of my adopted home in France through my lens. I also enjoy reading science fiction and thrillers, stargazing, and staying abreast of the latest advancements in automotive technology.

📢 Let's Connect

If you are intrigued by my profile and believe we could collaborate or share insights, please do not hesitate to connect with me. Here’s how you can reach me:

Thank you for taking the time to explore my professional world. I am eager to discuss potential opportunities and share ideas over a cup of coffee.